LinkedIn: Basic and Advanced, Randolph and Williston


Wednesday, February 5th, 1 to 5 pm, Vermont Tech Enterprise Center, Randolph, VT

Thursday, February 20th, 1 to 5 pm, Vermont Technical College, Williston, VT

Faculty: Dave Rubel (VLI’12) and Stephen Frey

LinkedIn Basic (1 to 2:30 pm)

Have you heard about the importance of a LinkedIn account but procrastinated on setting one up? Then this 90 minute, hands-on, and highly interactive workshop is for you.

Over 200 million people around the globe use LinkedIn to network, develop business, and build their personal brand. It’s also used as recruiting marketplace.  If you are not active on LinkedIn, you are missing out on many opportunities.

The Snelling Center and Vermont Small Business Development Center have partnered up to teach you how to

  • Set up an attractive LinkedIn profile
  • Use LinkedIn to strengthen and keep in touch with your network
  • Engage with your network through LinkedIn groups
  • Promote your business or organization through a LinkedIn company page
  • Find contacts through effective search techniques

LinkedIn Advanced (3 to 4:30 pm)

Do you already have a LinkedIn account but seeking to get more value from it? Then this workshop is for you!

In this workshop you will learn how to

  • Build your personal brand through your LinkedIn profile
  • Take advantage of advanced account settings
  • Build a more robust network
  • Communicate more effectively with your existing network
  • Engage with your groups
  • Make the most out of your time on LinkedIn
  • Use LinkedIn to enhance your professional development

The Intro and Advanced course segments are separated by a short break; take one ($25) or both ($50).

Snacks and drinks provided

You will need your own laptop or tablet.

REGISTER (Basics – Randolph, 2/5, 1 to 2:30)

REGISTER (Advanced – Randolph, 2/5, 3 to 4:30)

REGISTER (Basics – Williston, 2/20, 1 to 2:30)

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PARTICIPATE! Facilitating Active Learning, Connection, Engagement, and Community Building using Participative Techniques

Thursday, March 6, 2014, 1 to 5 pm (Central Vermont site tba)

Faculty: Adrian Segar (VLI’08)

We’ve known for a long time that presenting material broadcast-style to a room of listeners is a poor way for people to learn. And yet, when asked to create face-to-face opportunities for people to learn, connect, and engage around common interests, most of us still revert to the traditional expert(s)-at-the-front-of-the-room format.

At this one-day workshop, guided by a facilitator with thirty years experience, you’ll discover how we can do much better. This is an experiential workshop-you won’t spend much time sitting and listening to one person talk. Instead you’ll learn powerful participative techniques by experiencing them. We’ll explore ways to learn about and connect meaningfully with others in the room, techniques for effective peer learning, engagement, and connection, and active methods for consolidating learning, sharing group outcomes, and building community and post-meeting initiatives.

Audience: Anyone who organizes meetings, teaches, presents, and facilitates. Although the workshop focuses on working with adults, many of the techniques covered are also useful for working with younger learners.

$50 includes lunch

REGISTRATION available soon



Authentic Leadership: The Courage to See, To Choose, To Connect

Tuesday, March 18, 2014, 9 am to 4 pm (Chittenden County site tba)

Faculty: Steffi Lahar, Stephanie Lahar and Associates, LLC

What essential qualities enable people to hold themselves steady, find personal resources they may not have realized they had, and call out strengths in others to move through critical events with distinction?  In this day-long workshop we will consider traditional and non-traditional forms and definitions of leadership, and challenge biases and assumptions in popular literature about personality styles, gender and organizational position. We will look at and discuss examples from film clips and stories from a variety of organizations about effective leadership in action.  Participants will have the opportunity to examine and do some fresh thinking about their own leadership capacities, and to think through and receive ideas and input from the group on a personal leadership challenge.

Stephanie Lahar is a management consultant who has advised and trained organizational leaders for over twenty-five years. Through her Montpelier-based firm, Stephanie Lahar and Associates, LLC, she works with business owners and executives, and nonprofit and public sector leaders to develop their personal capacities as well as to design and manage their organizations, and create strategic plans in dynamic environments. Find her at

$135 includes lunch

REGISTRATION available soon


Spark in Forward!

Thursday, March 20, 2014, 9 am to 4:30 pm (Central Vermont location tba)

Faculty: Jeff Bercuvitz

To celebrate and honor International Day of Happiness, Jeff Bercuvitz, one of the Snelling Center’s favorite sparkers will go beyond what he has shared in past VLI sessions and will introduce you to his newest project.

What can you do to make your personal life happier and more meaningful and your work to make the world better more energizing and effective?  Jeff will help you learn and discover how you can put into practice the key elements of his “Spark It Forward” approach. There is a way to work for change and a way to live your life that is more enjoyable, more effective and more sustainable. Come learn about the community of practice he is launching to help people find, share and grow their own spark as they work to spark it forward and change the world. Show Up and Spark On!

Jeff Bercuvitz trains and coaches community builders, activists and leaders around the world, helping them discover creative, inexpensive and enjoyable ways to use their pleasures and passions to make their efforts more successful, as well as more personally rewarding and sustainable.

As president of SPARKS: The Center for Leadership, Innovation and Community, Jeff, a leading expert on the relationship between personal and community regeneration, helps staffs of non-profit organizations and foundations, grassroots organizers, CEOs and government employees discover ways to enhance their effectiveness, create broader support for their work, avoid burnout and strengthen their organizations and communities.

Jeff has worked in more than thirty states, throughout Canada and in numerous countries in Africa, Asia and Europe. Over the past twenty years, he has introduced his innovative six-point approach to community building, environmental activism, sustainable economic development, fundraising, wellness, crime prevention and downtown revitalization to thousands of people around the world. He has trained activists, educators, leaders of civic and religious groups, business executives, police officers, community development experts, government officials, wellness professionals, and other concerned citizens.

In addition to his extensive work in cities, Jeff has worked with people in rural communities throughout North America and overseas to help them discover ways to simultaneously preserve their environmental health and strengthen their local economy through innovative ventures. Prior to founding his company, he served as the Executive Director of the Working Land Fund, a pioneering, Vermont-based not-for-profit organization that integrated sustainable agriculture, land preservation and community economic development and helped launch CSA’s in Vermont.

Jeff also served as the Director of the Regeneration Project of Rodale Press in Emmaus, Pennsylvania that helped people learn creative economic development and community-building strategies.  For eighteen years Jeff served on the advisory board of Chittenden Bank’s Socially Responsible Banking Fund.  His family settled in Vermont in 1869; he lives in Lincoln, Vermont, and Ithaca, NY