Pieter Bohen
Director of the Vermont Leadership Institute
  • Director of the Vermont Leadership Institute

Pieter is the Director of the Vermont Leadership Institute. He has managed community environmental leadership organizations throughout his career. He has served as the Executive Director and President of the Farm & Wilderness Foundation in Plymouth, Vermont for the past ten years (2006-2016). He was a founding staff member as the Director of Programs for EarthCorps, a Seattle based international Conservation Corps, which trains international & American young adults in leadership and habitat restoration skills. From there he was recruited to serve as Vice President of the Stewardship Program of Forterra, where he co-founded the Green Seattle Partnership, a twenty-year public-private partnership to restore Seattle’s urban forests, and the Green Cities Program, which now serves eight cities in the Puget Sound region. Pieter holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Vermont in Wildlife Biology/Botany, and he is a Vermont Leadership Institute 2011 graduate. Pieter has three children, all of whom are now enrolled at Woodstock High School.