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During this unprecedented time, we are leaning hard on our mission: To foster responsible and ethical civic leadership, encourage public service by private citizens, and promote informed citizen participation in shaping public policy in Vermont.  Each and every one of us as leaders is going through our own version of adaptation to this sudden new reality.  We are all having to react to the extreme fluidity and ambiguity of the situation, and it’s not easy.  We are all under a lot of stress.  And, yet, we are doing it.  Communities across the state are rallying and innovating on the fly with such compassion, speed and efficacy.  We are proud to live in Vermont.
For the Snelling Center, this is the first time we have had to close our office, postpone recruitment, sessions and VLI graduation.  The health and safety of our staff and our leadership cohorts are our top priorities, so we have listened to the guidance from health and state officials and are basing our forward movement on what we feel makes sense for everyone. 
For our 2020 cohort members, we want to assure you that we are committed to giving you the experience you deserve.  As you know, we have been working hard to get things rescheduled and both VLI20 and VSLP20 have received new dates from their respective directors.  Given the extreme fluidity of the situation, we don’t know whether things will change again, but we feel that these dates have the best probability of holding given the information we have right now and we appreciate everyone’s patience, flexibility and understanding in the meantime.  We look forward to reconnecting in person as soon as we are able!

As we all move forward and are faced with the daily uncertainty, we know that all of our alumni leaders will follow our motto, “Seek to do more than would otherwise seem possible.” You are doing it now and we are sure you will keep doing it and we will succeed with all Vermonters working together.

Thank you and be safe.
The Snelling Staff

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