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Avenues for Tuition Assistance

VLI tuition covers approximately 75 percent of the cost of the program. The remainder is covered by the generous contributions of VLI alums and other supporters who believe in the value of the program for the benefit of Vermont.

We strongly encourage all interested candidates to apply. A large part of the success of VLI comes from bringing together participants with different backgrounds, viewpoints, and experiences, including economic diversity. If you really want to be part of VLI, we will work with you individually to find ways to help you put together the funds.


  • The Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC) offers the Vermont an Advancement Grant (up to $7,500) on a first-come first-served basis to economically-qualified Vermonters. You can visit their website www.vsac.org for information and complete an application when they are available (generally early June).
  • For non-profit professionals, TD Bank offers a Non-Profit Training Resource Fund that grants up to $1000 to eligible community-based organizations for employees to attend approved courses to improve their job performance.
  • The Community Bank and Opportunities Credit Union are available to provide tuition loans for qualified applicants.
  • For Vermont state employees who qualify there is a tuition reimbursement program. Many private and nonprofit employers offer similar programs. Let us know how we can help you provide the necessary information.
  • Particular scholarship funds, foundations and even “angels” (donors who invest in you directly) may exist in your locality or professional area. Friends, family and colleagues have provided financial assistance, as well as other kinds of support.
  • The Snelling Center has a limited amount of scholarship assistance available. By filling out the application, you will be considered for our general scholarship fund as well as several scholarships established by our alumni.
    • The Rozo Scholarship, created by Rosemary McLaughlin’s Class of 2006.
    • DEI Scholarship Fund, launched in 2020, aims to remove financial barriers to participation in VLI for individuals from underrepresented and marginalized groups.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us early to discuss your situation and how we can help! Contact Tasha Kleppner at 802-859-3090.