Chewing on Leadership, hosted by Vermont leaders creates a potent platform for relevant questions and meaningful dialogue about current events. This 45 min event looks at what inspires us in our work and ways to impact with leaders and change makers across Vermont.


January 2018

Date: Wednesday, January 24

Topic: What is Leadership?

Guest Presenter: Con Hogan

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December 2017

Date: Wednesday, December 13

Topic: What shapes your leadership?

Guest Presenters: Hal Colston & Sue McCormack


November 2017

Date: Tuesday, November 7

Topic: Know Thyself: Finding the Courage for Renewal

Guest Presenter: Andrew Pallito, Green Mountain Care Board

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May 2017

Date: Tuesday, May 23

Topic: Beyond Polarization: Strategies for Effective Communication to Bridge the Political Divide (Part 2)

Guest Presenters: Sue McCormack and Jeb Spaulding

Check out this article by Sue McCormack…/587443d6e4b0a5e600a78e37…

April 2017

Date: Thursday, April 20

Topic: Beyond Polarization: Strategies for Effective Communication to Bridge the Political Divide (Part 1)

Guest Presenters: Kesha Ram and Mark Snelling


February 2017

Date: Thursday, February 23

Topic:  What do leaders need to understand about diversity?

What are the competencies necessary for engaging with people with opposite perspectives and what are leaders doing in Vermont right now?

Guest Presenters: Emilie Kornheiser and Monica Collins


January 2017

Date: Tuesday, January 24

Topic:  What is our responsibility as leaders to counter hostility and exclusion?

How do you actively cultivate relationships across differences, how are you prepared to counter/respond to exclusion and inequities in your workplace and community?

Guest Presenters: Hal Colston and Beth Truzansky

November 2016

Date: Tuesday, November 15

Topic: Given that we will be facing more complex challenges in our communities and country, what will be the essential competencies for successful leaders?

Guest Presenter: Hal Colston

Dr. Hal Colston
After teaching and serving as the Director of Catering at New England Culinary Institute (1989), Hal created the Good News Garage (1996) and NeighborKeepers (2006) as a social entrepreneur. He received an honorary Doctor of Humanities Degree from Saint Michael’s College (2000) for creating Good News Garage. Appointed by Governor Peter Shumlin in 2011 as Executive Director of SerVermont, Hal now serves as Director of Partnership for Change since 2013. He has served on numerous boards and has been an advocate for social justice in Vermont. Hal was named the 2014 Vermonter of the Year by the Burlington Free Press. He is a 2004 graduate of VLI and sits on the Snelling Center Board.