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Welcome to the Snelling Center for Government’s public policy archives. On this page you will find past reports, documents, projects, and resources. If you have any questions about this page or its contents, please contact The Snelling Center at 802-859-3090.

Citizen Participation

Vermont Citizens and Civic Participation in a Changing World: Report of the 25th Grafton Conference

Civic Participation in Vermont

Constitutional Amendment – Term Lengths for VT Officeholders

2007/2008 Project

Creative Economy

Web-based tool for the Creative Economy

The CREDability Initiative Page

Introducing Creative Economy in BVT

PowerPoint on the Creative Economy in BVT

National Creative Economy Resources

Vermont Creative Economy Resources

Economic Development

AARP: Burlington Livable Communities Project

AARP: Transporting the Public

Commission on the Future of Economic Development

Green Economy

Vermont’s Roads and Bridges


Engaging Citizens in Vermonts Energy Future

Small Wind- Is it Right for You


Orange County Headwaters Project- An Administrative Case History

Environmental Science and Public Policy in Vermont- Creating a Framework for Evidence Based Policy Making

Conversation at the Landscape Level Policy Brief

Wind Power Fact Sheet

Clean Cities 2007 Stakeholder Roundtable



Leadership in a Connected Age

 Global Warming

Climate Change and Vermont

Good Governance

Legislative Compensation Study Report

Governance by Networks Policy Brief

New Legislator Orientation

Vermont Commission on Civics Education

Good Governance Resources

Health Care Reform

Health Care Reform in Vermont- Hard Choices for Transformative Change An Overview of the work of Coalition 21 (04-06)

Health Care Resource Book 2007-2008

Snelling Center Report on Vermont Legislatures Public Engagement Process

Vermonters Working Together and Speaking Out on Health Care Reform

Putting it all Together: The Moving Pieces of the Health Care Puzzle

Health Care Reform in Vermont- A guide to hosting a facilitated conversation

Hard Choices in Health Care 2002- What Vermonters are Thinking

Governors Bipartisan Commission on Health Care Availability and Affordability

Vermonts Chronic Care Initiative

Healthy Vermonters 2010

Vermont Health Care Quality Report

Health Care in Vermont, by Hamilton Davis

Other State and National Health Care Resources

Nonprofit Advocacy Resource Guide

A Resource Guide for Nonprofit Organizations on Influencing Vermont State Government


Below is a sampling of previous reports.  If you do not see the report you are looking for, please call 802.859.3090.

 AARP Transporting the Public. November, 2009.

Vermont Long Term Care Forum. November, 2009.

The Report of the Commission on the Future of Economic Development:  Economic Vitality, Security and Opportunity for all Vermonters.

Full Report

Appendix A:  Authorizing Legislation

1.   Act 184

2.  Act 182

Appendix B:  Key Themes in Stimulating and Supporting Future Economic Development:  Report on the Public Engagement Process by the Snelling Center for Government to the Commission on the Future of Economic Development, October 2008.

Appendix C:  Benchmarking – Submitted to CFED by Jeffrey Carr, State Economist and Tom Kavet, Economist to the Legislature

1.  Memorandum from Jeffrey Carr and Tom Kavet, April 2009

2.  Benchmark Criteria, December 2008

3.  CFED Goals and Benchmarks, January 2009

4.  Benchmarking the Outcomes of Economic Development Policy

a.  Introduction from Economists

b.  Report to the Commission on the Future of Economic Development, April 2009

Appendix D:  List of Presenters to CFED

Appendix E:  List of Publications/Reports Reviewed by CFED

Vermont Roads and Bridges: To Fix or Abandon?  November 25, 2008

View the Executive Summary or more information.

Key Themes in Stimulating and Supporting Future Economic Development: A Report on the Public Engagement Process to the Commission on the Future of Economic Development.  October 2008.

Click here to view the Executive Summary

The Green Economy and Environmental Enterprises in Vermont: Opportunities for the 21st Century.  April 2, 2008.

Term Lengths for Vermont Officeholders.  February 5, 2008.

Health Care Reform in Vermont:  Hard Choices for Transformative Change.  March 2007.

Growing Older in a Livable City.  December 2006.