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Daily Change and Transition, Beyond Busyness

Presenter: Suzanne Trahey

What is “Third Space”?

• “Third Space” is based on research by Dr. Jim Loerh (author of The Power of Engagement; Breathe in, Breathe Out). Dr. Loerh’s work served as the groundwork for Dr. Adam Fraser’s “Third Space” model.

• It’s using reflection, rest and reset in a short useful form to create more helpful habits in intentions, actions and transitions.

    • o Reflect time – essential to drop voice of judgement and ask questions such as: What am I achieving? What did I achieve? What did I do better this time?
    • o Rest – be present – feel how you are feeling, take a walk, engage in lighter conversation.
    • o Reset – What is my intention? How do I need to behave?

• Can be used in many situations of work, home and/or difficult conversations including:

    • o Manage transitions from work to home
    • o Use in meetings between agenda items to give meeting stakeholders the opportunity to reset to a new topic
    • o Use in meetings – schedule 50 min meetings – to build a culture of self-care and use that 10 min for people to reflect, rest and reset before their next meeting
    • o Use Third Space to process transitions as an introspective tool
    • o Can become a strategy that a team uses with each other on projects – to help get group to clarify priorities

• “Third Space” in a nutshell? It’s creating new habits of intentionally working with ourselves and others.


Suzanne Trahey is the Director of the Early Childhood Leadership Institute and the Vermont Leadership Institute and brings 20 years combined experience in early education, coaching and leadership. In 2015 she joined the Snelling Center for Government from Karme Choling Shambhala Meditation Retreat Center where she served as the Deputy Director. Suzanne holds a MA in Human Growth and Development for Special Education from George Washington University. She went on to serve five years as the Lead Special Educator for Williams Cone Elementary School in Topsham, Maine and has a total of 12 years of classroom experience. Suzanne is a Vermont Leadership Institute graduate, class of 2015. She serves on two community boards and teaches mindful leadership and meditation practices to youth and adults.