In the winter of 2008, the Snelling Center conducted a fast cycle policy development and outreach process to generate strategic concepts to inform public policy and legislation to advance development of the green economic sector and green practices in all Vermont businesses and institutions. This project was initiated in tandem with the Greater Burlington Industrial Corporation (GBIC).

This multi-step engagement project solicited the ideas, experiences and recommendations of Vermont’s leading green business leaders and stakeholders essential to successful development and implementation of future efforts to create a vibrant green economic cluster and enhance green practices in Vermont.

Four key areas of strategic action were distilled from the process:
A. Creating intellectual capital and supporting innovation through a nexus of coordinated action by government, business and higher education
B. Strategic investments in workforce development that are targeted to green sector needs
C. The diversity of green enterprises and green business practices is a strength and supporting initiatives should recognize the special needs of different sectors along with the shared
D. Governmental leadership, modeling and focused marketing and promotions will play a major role in the successful branding and actualization of a green economy

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