The Creative Economy Council

The Creative Economy Council is a partnership among leaders from New England’s business, government, and cultural sectors that exists to promote the sustainable economic development of New England’s creative economy.

Richard Florida’s Creativity Group
Richard Florida, author of “Rise of the Creative Class” is the leading researcher and theorist on the Creative Economy in the United States.

The Restoration Economy
Storm Cunningham, the author of the “Restoration Economy” is a leading researcher on using restoration projects to drive the American economy. He is also the Executive Director of the Revitalization Institute (link to http://revitalizationinstitute.org/) which is a non-profit research, education, and planning association dedicated to increasing the quantity and quality of restorative development in the world.

The Memphis Manifesto
Written in Memphis by the Creative 100 who came from 47 cities to join their Memphis hosts in the first national gathering of the Creative Class, the Memphis Manifesto is their definitive blueprint for communities competing for creative workers and seeking to retain their own.

The United Kingdom’s Department for Culture, Media, and Sports
Great Britain recognizes the importance of Creative Industries in economic development and growth. The Department for Culture, Media, and Sports has a section of their Website dedicated to the Creative Industries with a host of information and material.