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The Snelling Center for Government recognizes that in order to achieve our mission, we must continuously strive to be relevant and responsive to our community as a whole. As the diversity in Vermont grows, we must be increasingly intentional about aligning our curriculum, presenters, and VLI advisory committee work to be relevant for the changing communities we serve.

The Snelling Center defines diversity to include all human characteristics that
make us unique as individuals. It includes everyone and excludes no one. Race, gender,
geographic origin, culture, political view, lifestyle, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identify, economic status, marital status, and religion are just some of the characteristics that define us as people.


Code of Conduct

The Snelling Center for Government is committed to a learning, growth and relationship building culture in which all cohort members, Snelling staff and presenters are treated with respect and dignity. It is each person’s right to be free from harassment, mistreatment, and discrimination. Each individual has the right to fully participate in any of the Snelling programs in an atmosphere that is free from abuse of any type, including physical, sexual, verbal and emotional abuse.