The Vermont Council on Civics Education was created by the legislature (Sec. 26. 16 V.S.A. § 15) in 2006. The commissioner of education was empowered to convene and chair a council on civics education to strengthen civics education opportunities for all Vermonters. In addition to a representative of the Snelling Center for Government, appointees included representatives from the secretary of state’s office, the Vermont league of women voters, the Vermont bar association, the Vermont humanities council, the Vermont principals association, a teacher from the Vermont alliance for social studies, a teacher from the Vermont national education association, the Vermont school boards association, and the Vermont superintendents association.

The charge of the council includes:

(1) continually assess the status of civics education in Vermont schools at all education levels, including higher education;

(2) make recommendations to enhance civics education;

(3) make recommendations regarding benefits of increasing civics coordination services at the state house;

(4) maintain an inventory of civics and service education opportunities available for Vermont students;

(5) assess and recommend best practices in civics education;

(6) build and maintain a network of civics education professionals to share information and strengthen partnerships;

(7) support and help coordinate an alignment of civics education curricula at all education levels, including higher education;

(8) prepare an annual report of its activities.


For more information on the Council and its activities contact:

Sigrid Lumbra

Social Studies Coordinator

Vermont Department of Education


phone: 802.828.0200