The Vermont Health Care Resource Book 2007-2008

This resource guide is sponsored by:

  • Bi-State Primary Care Association
  • Office of Nursing Workforce, Research, Planning and Development
  • Vermont Assembly of Home Health Agencies
  • Vermont Association of Hospitals & Health Systems
  • Vermont Health Care Association 

This guide is designed to be a comprehensive overview of the health care field inVermont.

 Tab A: State Resources

Vermont Health Care State Resources

Tab B: Helpful Healthcare Website

Tab C: Health Care Fact Sheets, Issue Briefs & Articles

Vermont Health Care Expenditure Analysis 2004 EA Report BISHCA

FAQs Vermont Health Insurance Market 12-05

Kaiser Family Foundations State Medicaid Fact Sheet Vermont

Kaiser Family Foundation Medicaid Program at a Glance 05-06

Kaiser Family Foundation Medicare at a Glance 07-06

Kaiser Family Foundation Medicare Prescription Benefit 06-06

Kaiser Family Foundation Vermont Choices for Care Long Term Care Plan 07-06

Kaiser Family Foundation State Fiscal Conditions and Medicaid 10-06

Kaiser Family Foundation The Uninsured and Their Access to Health Care 10-06

Center for Studying Health System Change Myths of the Uninsured Testimony

Center for Studying Health System Change Issue Brief 100 Perception Reality and Health

Insurance 10-05

 Tab D: Glossary of Commonly Used Health Care Terms

1D: Glossary of Acronyms

 Tab E: Vermont Health Care Legislation and Medicaid History Highlights

Acts 190 and 191

Act 53

 Appearing on the Health Care Resources Compact Disk

Health Care Policy The Basics

FY 2007 Bluebook

AHS Consumer Survey

NCHC Building a Better Health Care System

VT Health Care Expenditure Analysis

VT Household Insurance Survey Report 2006

Center for Studying Health System Change

Vermont Well Being 2006

Hard Choices 2002

VT Health Resource Allocation Plan (HRAP) 8-1-05

Analysis of the Costs Single Payer

Kaiser Hewitt 2005 Survey on Retiree Health Benefits